Say Bye to Loneliness, Say Hi To Social network Friends

Do you suffer from loneliness? Would you like to share your activities with a friend? Talk for hours of everything and nothing without judgment? Do not stay locked up on the weekend at home watching TV? But you are alone, isolated and dream of friendship and complicity. So, how to meet new friends?

It is enough; it is said, to take the initiative and to meet new people. But it is not easy, difficult to approach others, shyness or fear of a possible rejection.This is where the internet facilitates new friendships; it allows you to wrap yourself in a protective veil that will mitigate your shyness and fears.

You are anonymous; you can be yourself and go out looking for new friends without fear of judgment. It will be much easier to approach people that interest you online than in real life, because here you have nothing to lose.Meeting friends online offers a wider range of people to contact, women with the same aspirations and passions as you, the same experience or just the same timidity. Now learn how to make friends online with social media

Your colleague has found the love of her life on the internet so why cannot you find your best friend there?

To help you in your friendly search on the internet, here are 5 tips for creating new online friendships:

Go beyond the preconceived ideas

  • Friends on the internet are real friends. We must first understand that the internet is only the reflection of reality in a different dimension. The people on friendly dating sites are real; it can be your neighbor, your cousin or the best friend of your childhood.
  • Many still (wrongly) think that internet dating is for desperate people. In reality, it’s arch false. Did you know that 85% of French people have access to the internet and 75% connect every day?
  • Everyone is present on the internet regardless of level of study, age, ethnicity or social category.
  • Allow yourself to be happy, take the plunge and look for that friend you need to brighten your life. Do not block yourself with shame or fear of “falling down”. You are not the only one; it is the whole population that is found on the sites of friendly meetings.
  • Whether you are looking for a real friendship followed, a friend to go out, a virtual correspondent, you will find your happiness on the internet.

Define your friendly search

Above all, you have to take stock of what you are really looking for; it will help you to find the best solution to make new friends. Ask yourself exactly what kind of friendship you need, a sincere friend with whom you will spend your days, to share every step of your life with him or by phone? A group of friends to go out for a drink, go dancing? An acquaintance to go to the cinema or to do another occasional activity from time to time. Would you like one or more female friends?